Stories on Diversity

The Story of One Marshallese Woman

As told by Camilla Hemann I came here in the fall of the year. It was different-cold, then winter came and there was more cold. I was here two times. I came from the Islands (and in helping her to figure it out), it was in 2009. I went to 11th … [Read more...]

An Anonymous Marshallese Story

As told by Marie Therese Kalb It was ten years ago – I was 9 years old -- when I stood silently watching Mom, one of my older brothers and my little sister -- packing up all of our belongings. No one was talking much. We seemed sad. Finally all … [Read more...]

An Anonymous Marshallese Story

As told by C. Jean Hayen In 1995, I was born in Majuro, Marshall Island. My Mom, brother, and I came to Texas to join my Dad who was in the Army and stationed there - though overseas at the time of our arrival. I was four years old and my brother … [Read more...]

Donella Samson’s Story

As told by Mary Jean Ferry My name is Danella Samson. I am a single mother. I have an 18-year-old son named Riten Jose Samson. He is in Hempstead High School here in Dubuque. I came from a family of 7 and one step sister who is working here at Mt. … [Read more...]

Arcie Lokeijak’s Story

As told by Mary Ellen Caldwell In 1997, when I was l7 years old and a junior in high school, my parents decided to take early retirement and to come to the United States. They were eager that I receive a good education. My brother was already in … [Read more...]

Barlina Samson’s Story

As told by Mira Mosle Christmas In 1857, missionaries came from Boston to preach. This is why we celebrate Christmas on Sunday. The Sunday before we gather in church and sing one or two of our songs. At Christmas, we get to show what we were … [Read more...]

An Anonymous Marshallese Story

As told by C. Jean Hayen After my Catholic high school graduation on a Marshallese Island, I wanted to explore different areas of the world. I went to CMI (College of Marshallese Islands) where I studied business management. But, it was not … [Read more...]

An Anonymous Marshallese Story

As told by Marian Klostermann I came here to the U.S. in November 2006. My sister was already here. I came here to bring my kids to go to school. I bring three kids and two stayed in the Marshall Islands. I was very sad to leave them behind. One … [Read more...]

Methelindia Joe’s Story

As told by Donalda Kehoe When my mother and father came from the Marshall Islands, they went directly to Phoenix, Arizona, and that’s where I was born on October 9, 1996. In November that year, we moved to Dubuque, IA, where we lived with my … [Read more...]

Irene Ernest’s Story

As told by Art Roche My mother was Marshallese and my father was Kosraean. That’s the island where my grandfather was king. Kosrae is the place, Kosraeans are the people. Kosrae isn’t one of the Marshall Islands. Today, it’s part of the Federated … [Read more...]