We’re excited to bring the Facing Project to the Dubuque community! The Inclusive Dubuque Network is hosting the Facing Project because we believe telling personal stories build connections in the community and forms a greater understanding between diverse groups.

The Facing Project was originally launched in Muncie, Indiana in 2011 under the title, Facing Poverty as a storytelling project to raise awareness about poverty in the Muncie community. Twenty-one story tellers and story writers were paired together, and their stories were compiled into a book to share with the community. Through the stories shared and dialogues created, Facing Poverty helped bring the face of poverty to the forefront.

Since then, many other communities have joined the Facing Project to tell their stories about various groups including Facing Autism, Facing Homelessness, Facing Cancer, Facing Immigration, and many more. Learn more about the Facing Project here >

Facing Diversity: Marshallese Stories

Dubuque, IA is home to approximately 300-600 Marshallese community members. Close family tie create close-knit units that provide a social resource for members, but they can also cause isolation within the community they live. The Facing Project seeks to provide a method for local Dubuque residents to learn about the Marshallese culture already residing in its community through compelling storytelling. Through the telling and writing of these stories, the Dubuque community may be able to better appreciate the barriers the Marshallese have had to overcome. Telling our stories is a way to be heard, to communicate our joys, fears, strengths and dreams to those closest to us, as well as those who do not know us at all. It gives us a safe way to recognize that seemingly great differences aren’t as great as we may believe: we are more similar than we are different.

Writers in our community were matched with a Marshallese community member–the storyteller. The writer met with the storyteller and wrote the story as if they were them, writing in the first person. Visit the blog to read some of the stories or contact Inclusive Dubuque at 563.588.2700 to find out where you can get a free copy of the book.